Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1960's Crochet Caddy!

Last Saturday my younger brother and I went on an Estate/Yard Sale binge. We drove to the outter-most part of Plymouth, back to Kingston, and a few times around, looking through people's old junk. My main destination was all the way south on Route 3, to an estate sale "in the big old white house". We got there, and it was about a quarter of the size that the newspaper ad had promised, but it was, in fact, outside of a big old white house. None the less, the prices were very reasonable and I made out quite well. I got a lovely little carpet-bag clutch with a dainty little metal strap, a big bag of old lace to tie my Etsy packages with, and this amazing yarn/crochet caddy. I nearly gasped when I saw the price tag....$1.00 -I'll take it!

Also, another Etsy update! My boyfriend and I went to The Garment District in Cambridge, MA last Sunday, a former favorite place of mine as a 14 year old, and that was probably the last time I had gone! I forgot what a goldmine that place is. I am now officially done buying until I begin selling...so shop, shop shop!

Edit: Just sold the drop-waist 1970's does the 20's dress. It was my boyfriend's favorite so he's all bummed out...but I am sure it will look much better on the new owner than I thought it looked on me...I was little a bit too 'hippy in it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shop Update!

Finally got around to photographing the dresses and other new items today. I have listed two of my (favorite!) dresses so far, but I still need to get a few different angles of the others.

But...I can't wait any longer! So I am giving a sneak peak of the most incredible 1960s raincoat I found tucked away in a 2 story antique house in Cohasset. It was a rainy and gray Sunday, the only day that my boyfriend and I have off together. Our plans were to go to Boston and dig around the Garment District and get lunch somewhere downtown. But the rain made us less adventurous so we only made it as far as exit 14. It ended up being a perfect day, I found the most lovely black pleated chiffon dress, fluttery wrap dress (up for purchase here!) and this raincoat...just waiting for me to find them.
We ate at the Red Parrot in Hull (the best clam chowder) and watched it rain outside and the white caps crash on the beach. On our way home we decided to stop at the Dream Machine and waste a few quarters in the old arcade.

This Sunday will be Boston, and I am sure loads more dresses to sell!

And now for the sneak preview...


Monday, August 23, 2010

First Post

dun dun dun dun....!

I have been wanting to combine a blog with my new etsy shop, under one official name with everything linked so all of my endeavors don't feel so scatter brained.

For all of you who didn't find your way to my blog from the shop, it is: here! 
Unfortunately the store name was created last summer, when I intended on it being mostly handmade goods...but now that I plan on it being almost entirely vintage clothing and accessories, Lola May seemed a better fit. I stuck "by nichole" on the end of the banner so clear up some confusion. 

Lots more to come, store and blog wise! I have been on two very successful hauls and have loads of new dresses, etc to clean up, photograph and list!

(The above photograph is one that I took a few weeks ago. My current photo project, inspired by Nabokov's Lolita, as well as my own childhood, is the inspiration for the name Lola May)